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Tuition & Policies

Tuition breakdown
and due dates

Tuition is charged by the semester of 17 lessons. New students can begin at any time, and if a student begins within a semester, that semester is prorated. Tuition is due by the first week of each semester unless you indicate you wish to pay monthly, in which case you must pay via ACH (automatic withdrawal).


Pay in full fees can be paid by check, cash, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), or ACH. Credit card payments are available by clicking on your invoice in your email via Square, after your lessons have been scheduled. Checks and cash can be deposited in the drop box at the Mankato location, mailed, OR handed in to your teacher at your lesson. If you wish to pay via ACH, indicate on the registration form and the office will send you a Docusign form to fill out. ACH payments are withdrawn on either the 4th or 15th of each month (specify at time of registration).

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

SMSM strives to deliver all lessons paid for by a family. If a student is absent due to extenuating circumstances (such as extended health issues or a death in the family) for more than 3 lessons in any given month, please contact to discuss arrangements so that tuition payments can be adjusted as necessary.


20 minute 

     $535.50 per semester (17 lessons)

     $107.10/month via ACH



30 minute

       $637.50 per semester (17 lessons)

       $127.5/month via ACH



45 minute 

       $816 per semester (17 lessons)

       $163.2/month via ACH  


60 minute 

       $969 per semester (17 lessons)

       $193.8/month via ACH


An annual registration fee of $35 will be added to your first month's payment or full semester tuition bill. For each student in a family after the first, the fee is $10. This fee helps us pay for enrichment events such as discounted concert tickets and recitals. 


Pay In Full:

Semester I                 Week of September 5th
Semester II                Week of January 21st

Monthly Pay:

ACH payments are withdrawn on the 4th or 15th (indicate at registration). Payments not received on the 4th or 15th are considered late. 

Location of lessons

All lessons take place on SMSM approved sites, including partner programs, where we work to provide in tune pianos, administrative support, adequate parking, a positive learning atmosphere and liability insurance. SMSM does NOT provide lessons in-home or drive to a student's house. Tuition is always paid to directly to the School regardless of the location, and liability insurance covers all locations. 

Enrollment and calendar

Enrollment is for a full semester, or the prorated remainder of the semester. Semesters I & II have 17 lessons each. We offer lessons during summer term.  Days & times for lessons are determined by individual teachers according to their personal teaching schedule & room availability. 

Semester I:                    Week of September 5th--week of January 21st

Semester II:                   Week of January 28th--week of June 9th

Summer Term:             Officially begins week of June 16th and ends week of August 25th


Students do not need to re-register semester to semester and are considered enrolled until we receive notice of discontinuation. Please see below for withdrawal information.


For students paying in full — Any student who plans to withdraw at the end of a semester must notify the office ( two weeks before the end of the semester or pay one-fourth of the next semester tuition. If a student withdraws within a semester, a written request for a refund is required. Within the first four weeks 100% of remaining lessons will be refunded. After the fourth week, the refund will be granted for 50% of remaining lessons. After the 8th week, refunds are not available. The registration fee is nonrefundable.

For students paying monthly — Any student who plans to withdraw at the end of a semester or at the end of a given month must notify the office two weeks before the end of the month they are discontinuing lessons. Failure to do so will result in needing to pay the subsequent month of lessons. With a written request, a student may change teachers within the first four weeks of their study or at the end of a semester, or a teacher may ask that a student be assigned to another teacher at any time. The registration fee is nonrefundable. 

Virtual lessons

Teachers who have the equipment necessary for online lessons may choose to offer this option to students in their studio. Online lessons offer a method to provide lessons in bad weather, during an illness, as a make-up lesson or for any mutually agreed reason. Online lessons are given with the mutual agreement of the student and the teacher. SMSM does not provide a dedicated online lesson offering to all students.

lessons &

Make-up policies are determined by each teacher and a copy is given to the student at the first lesson. The teacher will notify students if for any reason, including bad weather, he/she will not be teaching. The student will notify their teacher if for any reason, including bad weather, he/she will be unable to attend their lesson.

Student contract

By paying tuition, the student and/or family agrees to the terms outlined on this policy page.

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