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Four decades of music making!


Established in 1978, the Southern Minnesota School of Music has been rebranded several times. As recently as last month we were known as the Mankato School of Music. A mere six years ago we were known as The Mankato Suzuki School of Music. Evolving rapidly as an organization has necessitated making changes in our name to reflect who we are as a program. Originally, we were founded based on the Suzuki Method of music instruction which promotes listening as a key aspect of learning, requires parental involvement & utilizes repetition as the key to success. Suzuki teachers integrate group lessons into the music learning experience, promoting community, learning together & encouraging students to share their gifts & talents! 

Rebranded in 2023 to the Southern Minnesota School of Music we have now expanded to offer traditional music lessons and Suzuki lessons in eight counties of Southern Minnesota, making music lessons accessible through various partner programs in rural locations lacking teachers. We provide a living wage to instructors to retain them & promote the furthering of music education. We offer a wide range of lessons including group classes for ALL students, regardless of their private lesson method. Lessons are open to students of all walks of life and all ages. For students who are minors, parental involvement & attendance at lessons is encouraged but not required. Step in, watch, wait in the waiting area or go and grab a latte. The choice is yours! 

Though included in the price of private lessons, group class attendance is not required. We believe, however, that group is a key part of growth on your instrument as it offers students the chance to explore additional concepts on their instruments that maybe they don't have time to in their regular lessons! For instance, melody & harmony in a group setting, learning how to follow a leader, note reading, music theory & preparing for recitals in a fun and less stressful environment with your peers. 


Our group piano lab was an exciting addition last year!

Having a group piano class is a special treat because our state of the art piano lab allows the students to learn to navigate electronic keyboards, headphones & playing together, all while listening to their teacher guide them through the headset! 

A little photography from our program...

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