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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that's not answered on this page, please contact Abbey at

What is Suzuki versus "traditional"? Which one should I choose?

Both Suzuki and traditional teaching methods have the same ultimate goal: to put students on track to proficiency on their chosen instrument - the difference is in the how the musical skills are taught.

Suzuki Method

  • Emphasis on ear training, playing by memory, and technique

  • Note reading introduced later

  • Typically more demanding in terms of parent involvement, especially for younger students

  • Same book used for all Suzuki students

  • Strictly structured program with the same pieces introduced to students all around the world with the same underlying teaching philosophy

  • Visit the Suzuki website to learn more:

Traditional instruction

  • Emphasis on reading music and accessing a wide variety of music

  • Emphasis on ear training, memorization, and technique depends on teacher preferences

  • Much greater variety in teaching approaches. Common method books include Alfred's Basic Piano Library, Faber & Faber Piano Adventures, Standard of Excellence band methods, and many others

  • Parent involvement demands depend on teacher requirements, but are typically lower than Suzuki method

I filled out the registration form on the website, but how do I get my lessons scheduled?

Your registration form has been received if you get a confirmation email. From there, we individually assign each student to a teacher and pass your contact information along to them. Your teacher will contact you directly to schedule your lessons.

What do I do if I submitted my registration over a week ago and I still haven't heard from a teacher to schedule my lessons?

Please contact Abbey by email ( for assistance.

When is the recital?

Recitals will be held at the end of the school year this year, April 18th-21st. 

How do I pay my invoice, change my ACH information, or find out more about scholarships and financial aid?

Email Abbey ( for help with payment and scholarship information.

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