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2019-2020 Application 

By registering for Suzuki music lessons through the Mankato School of Music, I agree to do the following:
• Obtain a proper instrument and purchase the appropriate music books and recordings
• Attend lessons and supervise my student's daily practice if the student is under 12 years old

ADMISSION: Admission is granted without regard to race, creed, sex, age, nationality, sexual orientation or handicap.

Enrollment is for a 32 week academic year. Teachers are required to provide 32 opportunities
for private lessons. Weekly group lessons are available until the student is at an advanced level.


Make-up Lessons are at the discretion of the teacher.

Tuition can be divided into 9 monthly payments. Though some months have 2 lessons, other
months 5 lessons, the monthly rate stays the same. A fee of $5 is assessed if the payment is a
month late. If payments fall 3 months behind, lessons will be discontinued.


The full tuition is due whether or not the student attends all scheduled lessons.


Refunds and credits are not given for student absences. If a student must withdraw from lessons during the year, payments must be made through the week the school is notified of withdrawal. Limited scholarship funds are available for students in need of financial assistance. 

Instrument options

Teacher placement:


We will do our best to provide lessons with your teacher of choice. Scheduling and workload are taken into account when assigning students to teachers.

Teacher options

Submit this agreement with the $30 membership fee and one month's tuition. To pay for additional months or a year of lessons, simply increase the amount in the shopping cart.

MEMBERSHIP FEE: I agree to pay an annual non-refundable family membership fee of $30.