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Patrick Karl

Saxophone, Clarinet, and Brass

About Patrick

Patrick is music educator finishing up his studies at MSU Mankato. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he has been a musician nearly all of his life. Patrick is an avid performer and has played roles in almost all MSU and local ensembles. He has been playing saxophone for 12 years and clarinet for 5 years, and he is also able to teach beginner woodwinds and brass.


Patrick has almost been known as an expert in saxophone and woodwind related pedagogies and has been a valuable resource for his peers at MSU. He is well versed in multiple pedagogical styles, and values student choice and interests. After graduation, he hopes to teach and eventually go on to pursue a master’s degree in Woodwind Pedagogy. In his free time, he likes to cook, bike around Mankato, and perform minor instrument repairs. Patrick is very excited to connect with students, hoping to discover their “why’s” of music, and help them figure out their “how’s”.

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Reach out to Patrick if you need to schedule your lessons or if you'd like to know more about their offerings.

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