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Michelle Sedivy

Philanthropy & Fundraising Coordinator


About Michelle

Michelle Sedivy is honored to be a vocal coach for the Southern Minnesota School of Music. Michelle began taking vocal lessons from college professors as a high school sophomore and continued taking private lessons through college. Michelle has sung in both auditioned and non-auditioned choirs. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocal Music from Mankato State University as well as extensive post-secondary training in the mechanics of singing.

Michelle directed a church choir in Mankato and has been giving private voice lessons for over thirteen years. She believes that the entire body is part of the singing experience, which is why she uses both imagery and physical activities to help connect you to the language of singing. Michelle specializes in teaching the fundamental mechanics of singing. She has experience teaching both kids and adults.  She is eager to be a part of your musical journey!

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Reach out to Michelle if you need to schedule your lessons or if you'd like to know more about her offerings.

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