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Adam Rodgers


About Adam

With his gift of perfect pitch, Adam taught himself how to play songs by ear on his 5 octave Yamaha keyboard at age 4. He learned to read sheet music when he took piano lessons at age 7. Practicing was a challenge for him but his grandpa who was a piano teacher would always practice with him for hours when he’d visit him in California.

In middle and high school Adam continued to pursue his interest in piano, learning with Roselyn Sieh and Dr. Bethel Balge. Currently he is a piano performance major at Minnesota State University studying from Dr. David Viscoli. On the side Adam plays in recitals, churches, weddings, orchestras, accompanied choirs, and is currently in a jazz instrumental ensemble.

He is excited to develop himself as a piano teacher, expanding himself in new ways as a musician and sharing his love of music with his students

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Reach out to Adam if you need to schedule your lessons or if you'd like to know more about their offerings.

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