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The Mankato School of Music Missed Lesson Policies

(please read through in their entirety)


Make Up Credits = Make Up Lessons. And how they work....

   -We recently started using a helpful lesson tracking software called MyMusicStaff. As part of the software and how it functions, when a student or teacher miss a lesson and there is a decision to offer a make up lesson, the teacher will go into the system and add a make up credit to your account. You can view your make up credits at any time.

It should be noted that despite it's misleading title, a make up CREDIT is not money back in your pocket or back in your account. It is a lesson you and your teacher have determined you are still owed based on the circumstances of the missed lesson and what you are paying in tuition. 


Make up credits can be redeemed at regular lessons or at an alternate lesson time determined between you and your teacher. To use a make up credit, your teacher will simply log into their account and select the option, "use make up credit" when taking attendance for the lesson. 


In order to get you all your make up credits, your teacher will be looking at the number of lessons you've registered for and the number of weeks left within the timeframe registered for. It is your teacher's job to make sure that all of the lessons are recieved by the end of the period you've registered in. At the end of the period you paid for, you should not have any make up credits left on your account.


Commonly Asked Question: If I decide to quit lessons early, can I "cash out" my make up credits/lessons? 

     - No. MSOM does not offer refunds for make up credits/lessons if you quit early. Contractually, our teachers have the full schoolyear or the full summer (depending on what you've registered for) to redeem those make up credits. By quitting early, you are not allowing them the chance to provide all of the make up credits. The only exeptions would be if a teacher fails to get make up lessons completed within the time frame registered for OR if a teacher leaves their at-will contract during the time of the lessons. 

Understanding situations that merit a make up credit/lesson. And when you are owed one...


Student Absence— no communication

     -I understand that if I miss a lesson without communicating with my teacher I am not owed a make-up credit/lesson, regardless of the circumstance.


Student Absence— with communication

     -I understand that I must give at least 24hrs notice (if possible) to my teacher before a missed lesson in order to be eligible to receive a make-up credit/lesson, regardless of the circumstance. Please note that each teacher has limited time to make up lessons and retains the right to say no to offering a make up credit/lesson for a student absence. Your teacher will be as accommodating as their schedule and time allows. Student family vacations are an example of a situation many teachers will opt not to provide a make up credit/lesson for. Many MSOM teachers have 30+ students and simply cannot accommodate that many vacation make ups in a year. Thank you for your understanding. 


**In situations of prolonged sickness or vacation, please reach out to the director and bookkeeper and we can suspend tuition if deemed necessary.


Teacher Absence— without communication

     -All MSOM teachers understand that they will be required to provide a FREE make-up credit/lesson for every missed lesson without communicating, regardless of the circumstance or they will forfeit the student. A FREE make up credit means that MSOM will credit your account.


Teacher Absence— with communication

     -All MSOM teachers understand that they are required to provide 24 hrs notice (if possible) AND a make-up credit/lesson within the time period registered for by the student if they plan to miss a scheduled lessons, regardless of circumstance.


Teacher Long Term Absence (greater than three weeks)

     -All MSOM teachers understand that in the event of travel, illness, injury, hospitalization, pregnancy, or other long term absences (planned or unplanned) they will be required to communicate in advance as far as possible.  MSM agrees to handle the absence by either refunding or delegating students to another teacher for the time of absence unless another suitable arrangement between the teacher and the student can be made.  

Other important cancellation policies. In case you are wondering...

Weather Related Cancellations

     -I understand that my teacher has the right and the responsibility to cancel lessons at their discretion if they feel unsafe with the driving conditions due to the weather.  Additionally, I understand that my teacher will provide ONE make-up credit/lesson opportunity for every weather related cancellation within the timeframe I have registered for lessons in. Lastly, it is my responsibility to attend the make-up credit/lesson opportunity provided or otherwise forfeit the lesson.  I understand that there are no exceptions to this.   

COVID-19 Cancellations

     -If a teacher or a student is uncomfortable with in-person lessons, they are able to request that their preferred lesson method be online. 

     -If a student or a teacher is sick or is in quarantine, they have the option to have their regularly scheduled lesson via Zoom.  

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