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String lessons:                                       
  • piano
  • violin                                                          
  • viola
  • guitar
  • cello
  • bass/bass guitar
Brass lessons:
  • trumpet
  • alto horn
  • tenor horn 
  • baritone
  • euphonium
  • tuba
          Make MSOM your home for music lessons!
Woodwind lessons:
  • voice
  • clarinet
  • piccolo
  • saxophone
  • flute
Percussion lessons:                                     
  • drums
  • drumset

MSOM Tuition:


  *this helps us cover the cost of recitals,

   accompanists & overhead 

  $20/student due at registration  














SUMMER RATES (all instruments):                          

60 minute lesson $57/lesson 

45 minute lesson $48/lesson               

30 minute lesson $37/lesson                20 minute lesson $32/lesson


All private lessons are scheduled between you and your teacher. 



20 minute weekly private lessons + access to a weekly group class


30 minute weekly private lessons + access to a weekly group class


45 minute weekly private lessons + access to a weekly group class


60 minute weekly private lessons + access to a weekly group class

Students are encouraged but never required to attend weekly group lessons

in addition to their regularly scheduled private lesson

as their schedule allows!

Beginner Violin Group Class

Thursdays with Megan at 5:10pm

Conference Room B

Advanced Violin Group Class

Saturdays with Patti at 10:30am

Conference Room B

Intermediate Violin Group Class

Thursdays with Megan at 6:00pm 

Conference Room B

Sax & Brass Group Class

Fridays with Brent at 4:00pm Conference Room B

Early Advanced Violin Group Class

Tuesdays with Patti at 5:10pm

Conference Room B

Beginner-Intermediate Piano Group Class

Thursdays with Abbey at 6:00pm

Conference Room A


            1.)   register!

                  2.)  we activate you on our

                 student portal & assign you a teacher

              3.)  your teacher contacts you 

              within 48 hours to schedule your 


   Breakdown of lessons and payment, based on registration:       

September (30 lessons Sept-May/9 equal payments over 9 months)

October (27 lessons Oct-May/8 equal payments over 8 months)

November (24 lessons Nov-May/7 equal payments over 7 months)

December (20 lessons Dec-May/6 equal payments over 6 months)

January (16 lessons Jan-May/5 equal payments over 5 months)

February (13 lessons Feb-May/4 equal payments over 4 months)

March (10 lessons Mar-May/3 equal payments over 3 months)

April (6 lessons April-May/2 equal payments over 2 months)

May (4 lessons paid in one installment the month lessons are received)

Suzuki Book 1 Piano Group

TBD with Kathleen

Voice Group Class

Wednesdays with Abbey & Michelle at 6:30pm 

Conference Room B

Suzuki Book 2 Group Class

TBD with Kathleen

Beginner Guitar Group Class

Tuesdays with Lionel at 4:00pm

Conference Room B

Beginner-Intermediate Cello Group

Fridays with Brent at 3:30pm

Conference Room B

Intermediate Guitar Group Class

Tuesdays with Lionel at 5:00pm

Conference Room B

Answering commonly asked questions....

Tuition is due on the 15th of each month. There is also a one time $20 membership fee per student at the time of registration.  Payments received after the 15th of the month will accrue a $20 late fee unless other arrangements have been made with the Executive Director and/or Bookkeeper.
Payment September-May is pro-rated. That means that lesson rates are based on a 30-week lesson year divided into equal payments over 9 months (unless you opt to pay in full). The amount you pay does not change based on the amount of lessons you receive in a given month. You are paying to receive a set number of lessons between the time you register and the end of that time period. (For example, in the schoolyear Sept-May.) Your teacher is contractually obligated to provide you with a certain amount of lessons within the timeframe you register for. Once you are registered you can check your attendance on MyMusicStaff to track the number of lessons you have received and are still owed. If you register for lessons in September you receive 30 lesson opportunities by the end of May, if in October (27), November (24), December (20), January (16), February (13), March (10), April (6), May (4).
We intentially plan extra weeks into our schoolyear because weeks will happen where a teacher takes off or a student needs to miss. 
We understand that life happens and perfect attendance over 9 months is rare. If you happen to finish early though, you will still be billed for May lessons because lessons are pro-rated and the number of lessons you received did not change. 
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