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We offer private cello lessons with 

our cello teachers Anne Goedtke and Brent Ekstrom!  Both have multiple years of experience teaching and performing with the cello.

Cello lesson length

60 minute (Advanced)

45 minute (Intermediate)

30 minute (Beginner-age 12)

20 minute (Young beginner)

School year (Sept-May)                          

Sept-May lessons are pro-rated                          

60 minute $145/month

45 minute $115/month                            

30 minute $80/month                            

20 minute $60/month 


Summer (June-August)     

Families are billed/lesson

60 minute lesson $43/lesson                                                              

45 minute lesson $35/lesson                                                

30 minute lesson $25/lesson                                                

20 minute lesson $18/lesson 

Lesson rates
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