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Statement on Covid with schoolyear

For the safety of our teachers, students & families we ask that you wear a mask when attending a lesson, use common sense in determining if you are too sick to attend and work with your teacher to find the best method of learning this fall. 
2020 has been a year of adapting and our teachers have risen to the challenge going out of their way to try online lessons, learn new technology and adapt their teaching to meet their student's needs. 
Because our teachers are independently contracted through our program we allow them the freedom to choose whether to offer in person or online classes or a combination. Please use your best judgement to determine what is best for you!
~Mary Flanagan, Director

Meet the newest additions to our

MSM teaching family!

David Kruse





Bass Guitar

Anne Goedtke

Cello & Accoustic Guitar

Discover MSM.

What makes our program unique?


We hire only the best area teachers. We give all our teachers the flexibility to work where they want and when they want. We pay a competitive wage!


We welcome ALL students. We teach music using Suzuki AND traditional methods. We believe music doesn't have boarders. We teach students of all ages. 

Financial Aid

We fundraise over $5,000 towards our scholarship fund each year and work to make it possible for every student to learn, regardless of economic situation.


We partner with area schools to bring lessons to more area students. We travel and we work within your budget to offer lessons at a competitive price. 

A lot of people still don't know about us! So...What makes our music program unique?

Beginner violin group class


4:30 pm


Mary Flanagan

The is a class for students beginner through the end of Book 1 Suzuki violin.

Group class is an opportunity to come together with those studying at your level and improve your playing outside of your private lesson while making friends and having fun! Many students have continued playing despite going through difficult practice seasons BECAUSE they were encouraged by the group class experience!

Intermediate violin group class


9:00 am


Patti Tryhus

This is a class for students Book 2-3 Suzuki violin level. A fantastic place to test your note reading skills, shifting and vibrato! Group performance opportunities within the community. Ensemble pieces, intermediate quartet work. 

Advanced violin group Class


10:30 am


Patti Tryhus

This is a group class for students Book 3 Suzuki violin and beyond. Students will exercise memory skills playing difficult pieces without the book. Advanced shifting, note reading and vibrato always welcome here! Ensemble pieces, advanced quartet work. Group & individual performance opportunities. 

MSM Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide excellent music 

instruction to students of every age and level 

of ability regardless of economic situation, facilitating their goals and encouraging each to 

share their gifts within the community they live.


Our vision is be a Center for music instruction

in Greater Mankato known for collaborating & 

leading within the music community through

clarity of purpose, building partnerships, working with integrity and overall transparency in order

to best serve our students. 


MSM Board of Directors

Amanda McGuire, Board President

Katie Faugstad, Treasurer

Michelle Sedivy, Secretary

Mairin Bierer

Michael Flanagan

Lane Makela

Mary Flanagan

Executive Director

Mary Flanagan



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