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Brent Ekstrom
trumpet, cello,
assorted instruments

"Brent make learning so fun!"


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Laura Galbus
assorted instruments


"Laura is so friendly, professional and direct with her advice during my lessons!"


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Sarah Houle
euphonium, trombone, tuba and trumpet

"Exceptionally talented and 

kind teacher!"

~adult student


Evan Shallcross
Master violin instructor

"Evan's kind, humble approach is so genuine"


Meet the newest additions to our
MSM teaching family!

When you choose to take lessons at MSM, you are part of something bigger! 

Who we are:



We hire only the best area teachers. We give all our teachers the flexibility to handle their own lesson scheduling and we pay a competitive wage!


We welcome ALL students. We teach music using Suzuki AND traditional methods. We believe music doesn't have borders or age barriers.

Financial Aid

We spend the majority of our time working to make it possible for every student to learn regardless of their economic situation. From scholarships to State and local partnerships, we can make YOUR lessons happen.


We cultivate relationships within southwestern MN sending our teachers to communities in need of music instruction. 

MSM Mission and Vision



Our mission is to provide excellent music instruction to students of every age and level of ability regardless of economic situation, facilitating their goals, and encouraging each to share their gifts within the community they live. 


Our vision is be a Center for music instruction in Greater Mankato known for collaborating & leading within the music community through clarity of purpose, building partnerships, working with integrity, and overall transparency in order to best serve our students. 

Executive Director
MSM Board of Directors

Michelle Sedivy, Board President, ex officio board member

Katie Faugstad, Treasurer, ex officio board member

Emily Parkins, Secretary, ex officio board member

Mary Flanagan, Director, ex officio board member

Craig Hanson

Cindy Braam Gawrych

Kimberley Greenwood

Jenna Johnson

Jenny Stratton

J. W. Pickerel

Annakeiko Reichel

Sarah Houle, ex officio board member

Program Coordinator

Mary Flanagan



Emily Parkins



The Mankato School of Music contracts our teachers out to the following partnership locations in southwestern Minnesota! Partnerships are a exciting part of what we offer through the Mankato School of Music and we can't wait to bring music to your area!

Elmendorf Hutterite Community

Mountain Lake, MN

 Altona Hutterite Community

Henderson, MN

 10 Talents Center For The Arts

Blue Earth, MN

St. Mary's Catholic School

Madelia, MN 

Partnerships help underserved communities receive the gift of music!


Work with Mary (Executive Director) & Emily (Program Coordinator) to bring teachers to your location!

Contact us today!





Be part of the growth of our program as we expand in Greater Mankato to partner with more and more area schools bringing teachers to YOU to reach MORE students providing ACCESS to a greater variety of instruments and classes! 

Donate to our financial aid fund to ensure that no student is turned away who might be experiencing financial hardship. 

MSM is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. Make your tax deductible donation today! Thank you!

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