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We are looking for new teachers to join our quickly expanding program! 


Group Violin Class

MSM teachers

Beginner violin group class:

Tuesdays with Mary from 4:30-5:30PM


Intermediate and Advanced Group Class:

Saturday mornings with Patti from 9-11:00AM

NEW Adult Beginner Class

Monday evenings with Mary from 6:30-7:15PM


The Mankato School of Music

Beethoven Room #107

Why should I attend group class? 

Group class is an opportunity to come together with those studying at your level and improve your playing outside of your private lesson while making friends and having fun! Many students have continued playing despite going through difficult practice seasons BECAUSE they were encouraged by the group class experience!


Who can come?  

Anyone registered for violin lessons including students outside our program.

Is there a cost? 

Enrollment in violin group class is included in your tuition through the Mankato School of Music. However, you can still participate if you take lessons outside of our program! *A $5 fee applies/month for visiting students!

What will I learn?

Patti & Mary embrace group violin class as a time to help students learn to play as a group, tackle more difficult note reading outside of regular lesson time, have fun with fiddle pieces and play group games from time to time. Group class always involves a few spontaneous community performances as well! We like to give our students opportunities to shine!


Patti Tryhus

Mary Flanagan, B.S.


Luke Smith


Patti Tryhus

Mary Flanagan, B.S.


Mairin Bierer, B. A.


Kathleen Goedtke, B. A. 


Michelle Sedivey, B.S.

Executive Director

Mary Flanagan



MSM Board

Carla Mills, President

Amanda McGuire, Treasurer

Annmarie Carlson Drake, Secretary

Ken Meixner

Michael Flanagan

Anja Scheitel

Jean Chen

MSM Mission and Vision

Our mission is to continue our legacy

of providing excellent music instruction to

students of every age and level of ability 

regardless of their economic situation and to

facilitate their goals, encouraging each to share

their gifts within the community they live.

Our vision is be an collaborator & leader within

the music community as a Center for music

instruction in Greater Mankato through clarity

of purpose, integrity and overall transparency in

order to best serve our students.

Meet the newest additions to the

Mankato School of Music teaching family!

Luke Smith


Kathleen Goedtke


Mairin Bierer


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