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Sign up for summer lessons today!

We are excited to announce
6 Week Summer Music Sampler Classes in Partnership with
Neighboring Southern MN Community Education Programs!



Why take a summer music sampler class?

  • “Test Drive” An Instrument to Find What You Love  

  • Relearn the Basics!

  • Prep For Fall School Year & Set Your Student Up for Success in Ensemble Playing

Sampler Classes offered on:

Double Bass





Introduction to music note reading


75% of our students utilize some form of financial aid.

In order to provide the best possible music lessons to YOU, we want to hire the best area teachers and pay them a living wage. Our rates are consistent with the national average for music lessons. 

At the same time, accessibility is at the heart of our mission here at SMSM and we know that the cost of lessons can be a major barrier for many families. That's why we provide discounts, apply for grants, fundraise throughout the year, seek donations, find sponsors and constantly work to provide more support to student families. 

In recent years we have established partnerships with state and local financial aid programs to build on the ongoing financial aid we provide.

All of these resources are here for you!  Click below to learn more! 

When you choose to take lessons
at SMSM, you are part of something bigger!

What we value: 


It is our goal to hire the best area teachers. Whether they are veteran instructors or just getting started we have a place for everyone. We give all our teachers the flexibility to handle their own lesson scheduling and we pay a competitive wage on a sliding scale according to experience & training.


We welcome ALL students. Period.


We offer Suzuki & traditional forms of instruction and do not champion one method over another. Instead, we provide education so students & families can choose whatever method of learning resonates with them & their lifestyle.

What is most important is that all people can access music instruction.

Financial Aid

We spend the majority of our time working to make it possible for every student to learn regardless of their economic situation. From scholarships to state and local partnerships, we will work tirelessly to help ensure that you can access quality music lessons in your area.


We cultivate relationships within southern Minnesota 

in order to provide access to music education for students who are not near that instruction. We also provide access to financial aid resources so that every student is able to fit music into their budget.

Executive Director

Mary Flanagan

Work cell: 507-276-8747


Assistant Director

Erica Swanson

Email to come this fall

Office Supervisor

Michaella Crnkovic

Email coming soon


Katie Faugstad, Home Run Tax & Accounting 

SMSM Teachers

Adam Rodgers, Piano

Chris Walchuk, Guitar, Madolin & Ukulele

David Stordalen, General Band Instruments

Erica Swanson, Violin & Viola

Gail Carpenter, Voice & Choir

Joseph Kruse, Drum set/All Percussion

Kathleen Goedtke, Suzuki Piano

Kyle Johnson, Piano

Lionel Cao, Guitar

Lisa James, Piano

Madeline Gutzke, Violin

Mary Flanagan, Violin

Mckenna Slattery, Strings, General Band Instruments

Michaella Crnkovic, Piano

Michelle Sedivy, Voice

Megan Wehrwein, Violin

Patti Tryhus, Violin & Viola

Patrick Karl, General Band Instruments

Sarah Wei, Piano

Sharon Mautner-Rodgers, Cello, String Bass

Tom Bierer, Guitar, General Band Instruments

Thomas Fu, Piano & Euphonium

SMSM Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide excellent music instruction to students of every age and level of ability regardless of their economic situation, facilitating their goals, and encouraging each to share their gifts within the community they live. 


SMSM Board of Directors

**Currently seeking a Board President

**Currently seeking a Vice President

**Currently seeking more board members

*Actively searching*

Board President

Lane Makela


Kimberley Greenwood


Edna Quartey

Board Member

Logan Burns

Board Member

David Stordalen

Board Member

The Southern Minnesota School of Music contracts our teachers out to the following partnership locations in southern Minnesota! Partnerships are truly at the heart of what we offer at SMSM and we can't wait to bring music to your area!

Forte Fine Arts

Le Sueur, MN

 Altona Hutterite Community

Henderson, MN

Madelia High School & Middle School

Madelia, MN

St. Mary's Catholic School

Madelia, MN 

St. Peter Community Education

St. Peter, MN


Mankato, MN 

Trinity Lutheran School

Janesville, MN 

Cultivate Mankato

Mankato, MN

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